6 Things You Can Post Regularly

6 Things You Can Post Regularly

6 Things You Can Post Regularly

But what would I post?

I hear this cry over and over from my clients. Crafting a social media persona can seem daunting in the least. But there are five great gotos I start out with that often give me the five-six posts I need for Twitter a day and that one glorious post I need for Facebook. Drum roll, please! Here are 6 things you can post regularly:

  1. Industry Milestones

    You know a lot about your industry. What happened in the history of your industry on this date? Is a famous or key individual having a birthday on this date? Can you celebrate a seasonal peak or annual happening?

  2. Industry News

    You are plugged into the newsletters and publications for your industry and are reading them regularly. Tell your follows about news that interests you.

  3. Personal Hobby News

    One of the ways you can really brand your online persona is by including posts and information about things that interest you personally. I often talk to my clients about their personal interests and, very often, there are interests that tie directly to their product or service. I post about these things.

  4. Memes

    Memes, whether you recycle other posts or build your own (preferred), can really help develop an online personality for your brand. Is your brand heartwarming and supportive? Is your brand quirky and fun? Pick memes that reflect the qualities you most want to present to the world.

  5. Favourite Thing That Happened Yesterday

    We must remember that we stay positive by thinking about the good things that happen. Kill two birds with one stone and tell your favourite stories. When you are out in the world, interacting with clients, and building your business, there are almost always stories.

  6. Candid Photos

    Pictures are a great way of filling your feed with images that make you and your followers smile. From pictures of your daily goings on, to awesome selfies, to sunrises to sunsets, to anything that catches your eye.

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