About Us

fencing 021

We are me, really: Jacqui Burke. My daughter is the fencer. Actually, I’d best update this photo as my daughter is now almost six feet tall.

I have been marketing and selling since I came out of the womb. Weeeell, not that long but close to it. I was born to a family of salespeople, studied story-telling at university, and ended up early in my career in marketing and communications. Around the age of thirty, I followed my passion professionally (I am a freelance theatrical director) but my other passion (computers and marketing) followed me. Every show I worked on had an element of marketing to it.

Recently, my life changed and I am pursuing social media marketing full-time. A girl’s gotta make a dollar! But all my skills have really come together to make this an amazingly rewarding career for me because I honestly love to help people.

So, whatever you are looking for, you have probably come to the right place. We (I) can make a difference to your social media marketing plan and help you build your business. We’d (I’d) love to help.


What do we do?

  • social media strategies
    My knowledge of how the Internet works can maximize your chance of crafting effective strategies to get the word out
  • social media marketing plans
    Design and present a plan for six or twelve month periods
  • social media content managment
    Keep track of content being used for your social media efforts
  • social media posting
    Posting on all relevant social media sites daily
  • referral and community building
    Referral strategies and online community building to increase your reach
  • blogging
    I can blog on relevant topics as often as necessary
  • Other Social Media Content Generation
    from high res photos to memes to infographics
  • Movie/Animated Content Generation
    I’ll compile raw footage and edit to get that message out…and maybe even go viral!
  • website design (some projects too big)
    Small website projects welcome
  • wordpress site design
    Wordpress is a specialty
  • website mobile optimization
    Over 50% of investigations on buying decisions are done on cellphones. If you your site is not optimized for viewing on a cell phone, you will lose that customer
  • mobile apps
    Mobile apps developed with your business in mind to engage your clients (with specials or loyalty plans) and all the information they might need about you.