Build Your Twitter Followers. Right Now.

Build your Twitter followers.

Build Your Twitter Followers. Right Now.

Things are changing at Twitter.

Ever wanted to wade into social media but just don’t get it? Does Twitter, especially, seem incomprehensible to you? Well, things are changing over at Twitter and now is the time to take advantage of those changes. Build your Twitter followers. Right now.

What is happening? Why have things changed?

What is changing? Twitter wants more market share (which currently sits at just over 20%). How are they doing it? Two ways:

  1. They are making Twitter more like Facebook. Facebook is the number one social media platform attracting 71% of internet users. Amazing. So, Twitter is changing to be more  like them by integrating pictures and video (already long done) and, now, by throwing away the 140 character limit.
  2. They have changed their algorithms.
    1. They show you post from hours before (while you were gone posts)
    2. Any given post is reaching more followers.
    3. Active users are seeing an increase the rate of followers coming on board.

Can a Twitter list help me? How?

Okay, I can build a list fast and reach a lot of the people on the list. So what?

Twitter followers can mean brand ambassadors and a burgeoning customer list with more sales.

  1. Firstly, a large number of Twitter followers attracts new clients by making your business look like a real going concern it actually is (potential clients are looking at social media to decide if a business is healthy.)
  2. People who like your brand or your posts or both will repost them to their followers, increasing your total reach. We STILL tend to believe posts from friends over suggested posts or standard advertising.
  3. The more people who see your offers and services, the more people become your clients.

Why Now?

Well, that sounds great, but why now? Why should I do it now?

Because, right now, it’s free. Right now, Twitter needs you. And right now, they are helping your business to do just that. Facebook used to let you do solid business online but they have changed their algorithms and organic reach has plummeted. Why? Because they are number one and they can reach more people than anyone and, come on, you can boost a post for about ten bucks and reach thousands and thousands….

Right now, though, Twitter is free and they are really wanting you on board. But I have no idea how long this initiative will last. So. Do it. Now.

Don’t Know Where To Start?

Really. It’s Twitter. What do I do?

If you don’t know where to start, I can really help — either by doing it for you or training you. I am offering special packages from $75 a week to online training (over Skype) for $25 for the first half hour — which really is enough to get you going. Contact me at 647-292-0210, or email me, or use this handy form. I would really love to help you out as I really know what I’m doing and can get you on your way quickly, with the techniques and info you need to be successful. So, no excuses.

Build Your Twitter Followers. Right Now. Do it. Now.

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