It’s Social Media. Couldja help me out, here?

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Hey Facebook Users:

Folks, I love Facebook and spend a lot of time on the platform. I see a lot of different posting styles and, look, I know I post a lot. And, I mean, a lot a lot.┬áBut it is childlike enthusiasm, I guess, and the topics of posts run the gamut – some are even darn interesting or funny or cute or whathaveyou. Now, from someone who spends a lot of time on the platform, I am wondering, could you help me out, here?

If all you’re doing is posting about what I have to pay to come see or pay to have, could you please, on occasion, let me know about what’s up with your world? Let me know how you’re doing, really. What you’re thinking about that has nothing to do with the moonies.

Post about your favourite playwright or your favourite colour. Post about something awesome that you saw recently. Post about how much you love your family or your post workout pic. Post about your cat. Seriously. Anything that will make me feel like you’re not just using Facebook to sell something. That I am not just your customer.

Now, some may say that I publicize what I am doing A LOT on Facebook. Totes, true. But the people on my friends list are a part of my life and I like to share things other than what my latest special is, or show is, or what have you. (And I got a lot going on; so consequently, I post a lot.)

Post mostly about the you-things not sell-things and I will look at all your posts. Post almost completely about the things that I have to give you money for and I will start tuning you out.

#1 Basic Rule of Social Media? It’s social.

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