Marketing Analytics

graphMarketing Analytics:
Data, Reporting, and Analysis

You no longer have to guess.

Internet marketing gurus are everywhere these days and they all claim to have a silver bullet to ensure online marketing success. But the fact is, nobody knows exactly what’s going on online for two reasons:

  1. Social Media companies change the rules constantly — they are trying to find a way to monetize their huge investmetns and
  2. Users, themselves, are constantly being watched, their choices tracked – resulting in a lot of data on actual online use. Social media companies change their platforms to accommodate their users.

The internet marketing landscape changes almost daily. And that’s why we monitor all of our own efforts and adjust our marketing efforts as necessary. You no longer have to guess what works. By trial and error, you know what works and you can tweak what works to work even better.


There is a common maxim that 20% of your effort produces 80% of your results.

Marketing analytics of your online advertising efforts allows you to track, from soup to nuts, what is working and what isn’t. Jaybird Social Media can set you up with an advertising campaign that starts and ends with end data analysis in mind – so you can figure out what efforts work and what doesn’t. Don’t guess what’s working. Know. Concentrate on the 20%. Contact us now for a completely free strategizing session.

A solid advertising initiative that includes marketing analytics looks like this:

  • an initial plan detailing goal-setting and intention
  • assessment and allocation of advertising budget to multiple platforms including:
    • advertising (google ads, yellow pages)
    • advertising on social media
    • content creation and attraction marketing
    • funnel marketing
  • individual landing pages
  • multiple copy/headline strategies
  • gathering of campaign data
  • full reporting and assessment
  • end stage strategizing

Contact us, now, for a completely free strategizing session.