4 Reasons to Unfollow Twitter Accounts

Four Reasons to Unfollow Twitter Accounts

While building a strong Twitter community, either personally or for your business, you want to keep the experience pleasurable and on point. We get an awful lot of unwanted messages and push advertising in our lives. Who needs it on our Twitter feeds? Another option is to mute the account. I, however, like to discourage black market or push market techniques on Twitter; so, here, 4 reasons to unfollow twitter accounts:

  1. They have Unfollowed You

    Use an app like crowdfireapp.com to take a good hard look at your Twitter list and followers. Many Twitter accounts appear to be more popular (i.e. have more followers than followed) because of a standard technique of automatically unfollowing. So, they attract accounts to follow them by following first. Approximately 50% of those you follow will automatically follow you back. Then, these accounts will regularly unfollow these accounts. Of that group, only a small percentage will notice and do anything about it.

  2. Inappropriate Material

    If you find that the material is inappropriate, for whatever reason, unfollow that account immediately. Who needs to see that. Another option is to mute the account.

  3. Flooding

    Some account employ a technique of flooding your feed with the same or similar messages, sometimes ten or fifteen at a time. Unfollow them.

  4. Language

    If you do not know what they are saying, unfollow them.

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