Supporting refugees by partnering with the Welcome Project Canada

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Our community sponsor group has been so eager to be of help to a refugee family that while we are waiting to be matched with a refugee family of our own to sponsor (which, realistically, may take a while), they contacted the Welcome Project Canada and have been matched with a refugee family of six that has already arrived in Canada.

Volunteers have already met the Khalaf family and swung into action helping them move into their new apartment. Currently, we are collecting household effects that they need (please see list below) and taking volunteer shifts to help them get to medical appointments (dentist and optician), get signed up for school and ESL classes and just generally get to know their new city and help them to feel welcome (for instance, a pair of volunteers took three of the four children – aged 15, 17, and 21 – to the Evergreen Brickworks for the afternoon on Sunday).


There is also good progress to report with our fundraising towards our own sponsorship project. $19,000 has now been pledged. And over $13,000 of that has already been collected. It is exciting and encouraging to experience so much generosity in our community!

List of items the Kahlaf family still needs (as of the date of this post):
Computer or laptop (ones you aren’t using; old ones are fine)
Cell phones (old ones are fine)
One backpack
Two binders, 2 pencil cases
Small tool kit (screwdrivers, hammer, wrench, etc.)
One towel hanger for the bathroom or door hooks
One toilet paper holder
Two wash cloths
Dining table and chairs for 6 people
Welcome mat
Baking sheet
Steamer (to insert into pot)
Six small teacups
Six coffee mugs (preferably 6 of the same, they have 4 but they are not matching and are different sizes)

[Note: As of April 25, most of the items on this list have been provided. They still need: Dining table and chairs for 6, computers, unlocked cell phones, clothing for the family (specific needs and sizes to come).]


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