Exciting progress with fundraising for refugee sponsorship!

We received some really great news on Friday:

The Wilkinson St. David’s refugee sponsorship group has been awarded a matching grant from the Anglican Diocese of Toronto.

We have just learned that the diocese will provide us with $23,500 towards our total fundraising goal of $47,000 — as long as we are able to raise the other half ourselves.

This is tremendously exciting and makes us more confident than ever that we will reach our goal of sponsoring a refugee family. In fact, this might even mean that we can sponsor a larger family — or take on the sponsorship of an individual as well as a family!

Since we have already raised over $16,000, we are confident we can make it the rest of the way to $23,500.

And the faith in our group and the hope for this project that the grant from the diocese represents will help inspire us all to work even harder to raise the $7,500 that remains to get us to our goal.

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