Gift of music

St. David’s is delighted to announce that we have been given a gift of a beautiful Steinway piano!

Given the church’s excellent acoustics (combined with its lovely interior), the opportunities for concerts and events at St. David’s — as well as exciting possibilities for augmenting music for church services — are continuing to expand.

Many people will already be familiar with the Musically Speaking early music series that has taken place at St. David’s for the past few years, bringing high-calibre historically informed performances to our neighbourhood at an accessible price.

However, without a first-rate piano, we were somewhat limited in the kinds of music that could be presented at St. David’s (early music was perfect, since many groups would bring in their own harpsichord).

But this gift opens up opportunities both for music-making within our own neighbourhood — and for making St. David’s available as a potential concert venue for musicians from all across the city.

We are looking forward to brainstorming ideas about what kinds of events and creative activities our beautiful new piano might make possible, and we hope to have more news in the months to come.

Stay tuned!


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