Open Door Ukulele Groups

photo: Marcia Leeder

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Learn to play an instrument in a friendly, supportive environment. Sing, strum, pick melodies, learn to read music, and make new friends! The ukulele is a small, versatile, approachable, and inexpensive instrument ideal as a tool for music education — or for just having some fun.

The Open Door groups play in the D6 tuning with a low fourth string. (The D tuning results in good keys for singing and the low fourth string provides a wider range of pitches for melody picking. This is the “Canadian tuning” used by the Ukulele in the Classroom program, Uschool.ca, etc. and taught in many east-end Toronto schools — so parents who want to be able to play with their children who are in Uschool programs will be in the right key!)

Your Instrument
The Open Door will provide a ukulele for beginning students. Students who already have a ukulele will need to discuss with the instructor whether their instrument is suitable for use in this class (some inexpensive ukuleles will not hold their tuning well which impedes the student’s own musical development and makes the group sound bad) and may need to arrange with the instructor to change their fourth string to a lower one.

The Course
The Open Door ukulele groups are actually a course where progressive skills will be taught, not a drop-in strum-along group, so it is expected that students will make an effort to attend every week. (That said, we understand that sometimes missing a class is unavoidable.)

No previous musical experience, knowledge, or training is needed for enrolment in the New Beginners groups. To enroll in the Continuing Students group, you must have already taken an Open Door ukulele program. (If you have previous playing experience from somewhere other than the Open Door programs that you feel would more appropriately place you in the Continuing Students group, please discuss this with the instructor.)

To register or for more information, contact opendooratstds@gmail.com

Accessibility Policy

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About the Instructor:


Trish O’Reilly-Brennan is a versatile singer and actor, with a background in opera, folk music, musical theatre, drama, and clown. She has performed roles ranging from Barbarina in Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro to Lee in Cowgirls to experimental works at the Fringe and SummerWorks theatre festivals and two new Canadian plays at the Blyth Festival. Trish enjoys singing in harmony with both the a cappella Renaissance trio The MadriGALS and the 1940s trio Rumboogie. Her script Carrying On, built around the real-life stories of Canadian woman in WWII was performed at the Red Sandcastle in May 2013.

Trish is a certified level 2 teacher of the Ukulele in the Classroom program through the James Hill Ukulele Initiative (JHUI) and teaches ukulele in several east-end Toronto Schools with Doane Uschool and through the East End Music Project as well as at the Open Door.

A recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal for her contributions to her east-end neighbourhood, Trish is the instigator of various community and arts projects at the Open Door at St. David’s Anglican Church.