The One Thing Missing From Your Social Media Posts

The One Thing Missing From Your Social Media Posts

You have done a really great job, creating kick-ass content for Facebook and Twitter, posting regularly (so important), encouraging engagement, responding quickly to questions, queries, and comments. All great. But there is something missing.


We want your gorgeous face.

Statistically speaking, your audience wants to be talking to somebody. Not just a brand, but to somebody. So make sure we know what you look like and keep yourself front and centre so that we can be comforted by your face and trust you more. This applies equally to corporate and personal branding.

We like to hear about what you like.

We even want to know if you had something quirky for breakfast. We want to know what excites you, what moves you, what makes you laugh. Tell us. And we will connect with you on a personal level. Think of this as the digital equivalent of the common touch. We will just plain like you more.

We care about you, personally.

Got great people in your life? We think they’re great, too.

We care about what you care about.

Tell us about what you are passionate about. Tell us about what you spend time doing that really matters to you. We will care about that too.

We want to know why you are doing your job.

What about your business or your job makes you want to get up in the morning? If you love it, we we love it.

Tell us what’s going on behind the scenes.

We really love to be invited backstage. Let us know what’s going on in your company, who’s awesome, what you’re up to. We love to hear all the deets. It makes us feel like we are a part of the organization.

Keep us in the loop.

Be the first in your industry to bring us the scoop on changes in what we can expect and we will think of you first when we have questions or need a problem solved and we will come to you.

Connection, trust.

Who comes to mind? It should be you.


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