The Twitter Follow Back Strategy and Beating Down the 2K Wall.

The Twitter Follow Back Strategy and Beating Down the 2K Wall.

A current common strategy for gaining Twitter followers is to follow  a bunch of people first. Why? Twitter users automatically follow back.

Not all of them, but 30-50% of Twitter users use an automated service to auto-follow accounts that have followed them because it saves them time and trouble and they don’t miss the opportunity to get their message in front of a new contact (that’s always good business). You can take advantage of this trend. Follow a whole wack of folk. And, hopefully, about half of them will follow you back. It really can get you rolling.

However, I wouldn’t get too enamoured of this technique because it starts to backfire at 2,000 followers. Why? Twitter wants you to have a roughly equal amount of followers and followed accounts or way more followers than followed. If you get to 2,000 followers, Twitter simply stops you from following until your followed account numbers go up.

Hmph. What to do? Well, once you hit the wall, there are three things to think about:

1) People Automatically Unfollow Also

One of the drawbacks of dealing with Twitter users who automatically follow is that they automatically unfollow if *they* don’t get a follow back quickly. And, once you hit the 2K Wall, you will not be able to follow anyone. So, you will see your follow numbers tank and, maybe, actually drop.

2) Unfollow Unfollowers

Your first strategy is to go through your list and unfollow anyone who is not following you (unless it’s a feed that you really want to keep — for example, major social media and internet strategy accounts for me). There are services that can help you with this task like Crowdfire App. If you unfollow a bunch of accounts, you can, then, follow a commensurate amount of others.

3) Post. Alot.

Another way to get around this problem is increase your tempo of posting. Twitter likes you posting a lot. It makes them look good. Go up to at least 8-9 tweets a day, evenly spaced throughout the whole day. Use a service like to schedule and automate the release of your tweets. People will follow and you will continue your growth (albeit, perhaps more slowly) to your own 2K level.

Remember that each post does not have to be completely new  or newly sourced material. Re-use content!!

4) Increase the Quality/Originality of Your Content

Get creative. Find your voice and use it. People will engage by liking and reposting your material more frequently, which attracts more followers.

Have fun building your community!

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