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I am currently working on a couple of projects. Okay, four. Four projects. But in two of them I note that I am making very basic marketing errors. So, I thought I would write about this experience in the hope that you don’t ease into this as well. I have started marketing features, not benefits.

For those of you who are new to social media and marketing, let me define these terms so that we understand each other. Features are the characteristics of your product or service. It comes in blue. I will reach over 100,000 impressions. I am available for consult six days a week. It’s small enough to fit in the overhead storage. Features. This information is often available on feature sheets or service explanation pages. These pages are dry, boring, factual. They have to be.

Benefits however, are another thing entirely. It’s the Why of the buying process. It’s going to match your decor because it comes in blue. You will get an amazing return on your marketing dollar because I will reach over 100,000 impressions for your brand. You can be flexible about our appointments because I am available six days a week. You can avoid checking baggage and put it all in your carry-on because this nifty little bag fits in the overhead storage.

And there, in the explanation and example is the total point of this post.

Obviously giving the customer the why really helps the process. It helps your potential client understand how you can really help them or how your doodad can really change their lives. Or why your doodad is the best choice for them.

How does an old marketer like me forget the basics? It’s easy. We get sold on our own product or service. We tend to love our stuff so much we think everyone can see their benefits. Lucky for me, I tend to catch myself before the materials go out.

How do you catch yourself? Ask Why. Why does my potential customer want this thing? What moves my customer? What does the customer care about? Now. Do I address any of that in this campaign? Do I tell them the Why? Do I frame the whole post with the why? Because we should

If you have done your preliminary work, it’s likely you can go back to your original campaign plan and you will have a page on benefits to the potential customer. Go through each one. Make sure at least one of these points is clearly addressed for short spots/posts and many or all addressed in presentation decks, papers, product pages.

Short and sweet. Benefits, not features. Don’t forget.

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