What’s going on with Twitter….?

Who to follow on Twitter

My Twitter impression rate seems to be going through the roof. Anybody else’s? And my follower rate is also up. Also, impression rates are going through the roof for my clients. So, I am wondering if this is an anomaly or if this is a thing?

Might be part and parcel of Twitter trying to grab more of the market share.  As of August of last year, Twitter was only being used by about 23% of internet users comparing to a whopping 71% by Facebook. So, Twitter wants to attract more people to its social network. And it’s worth it. Content Managers en masse are paying for engagement on Facebook like it’s the only game in town. Well, it’s certainly the leader, by far.

One way for Twitter to increase engagement on its network is to eradicate the small message format (ironically its whole raison d’etre). So, they are making Twitter more like Facebook. Secondly, one can encourage people to use Twitter more if their use seems more effective. How do we do that? Change the algorithm and increase impressions across the board. Tweets reaching more followers makes everybody happier especially at a time in which Facebook has seen plummeting engagement rates for business pages.

Now, this is good for people who know. When a social network wants you, it’s always good. So, folks! Want to maximize your online reach? Twitter might be your best bet in the next few months.

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